Welcome to The 2015 Scleroderma National Conference

Connect with the scleroderma community this September in Hamilton at the 16th annual Scleroderma National Conference as we help scleroderma patients and their families, friends and healthcare professionals become advocates for better care both personally and nationally.

Make a Hard Disease Easier

You know that scleroderma is a hard disease. It’s hard for researchers to understand. It’s hard for healthcare professionals to treat. It’s hard on caregivers and family. It’s especially hard on the people living with a disease that has no known cause or cure.

Making it easier starts by becoming personally engaged, personally educated and personally empowered. The National Scleroderma Conference is Canada’s best platform for making the connections that can make the disease easier.

Your Chance to Engage

The National Scleroderma Conference will give you the chance to engage the way you want to, the way that helps you the most and in ways that allow you to contribute to the scleroderma community and help other people. You can absorb the newest information. You can learn from the experience of others. You can gain insight from researchers, physicians and professional caregivers and find ways that your experience and knowledge can support their work.

This is a once-a-year opportunity to be part of an intensive, diverse and active community focused on:

• Building networks of people interested in scleroderma

• Connecting professionals, patients and families

• Learning about treatment trends and developments

• Discussing important issues regarding scleroderma and associated diseases

• Accessing cost-effective professional development and health education

• Becoming more empowered to take control of your health and treatment options

• Sharing experiences with patients, families and friends

• Exploring ways to educate your community about scleroderma

• Expanding your personal support network

• Learning how to manage the stress and emotions of living with scleroderma

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